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EcoSophy on Syntropy In Communities

EcoSophy on Syntropy In Communities

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“As time has flown by us we have been given numerous opportunities to stand still and observe Nature in her primordial natural state. Time and time again we seem to have forgotten how to relate to her, how to ask the question that would open her mysteries to us. As humans we have long forgotten our innate and deep connection to Life and how, and where we fit into the Creatrix – Eden – Paradise of Abundance – the living giving creating in endless abundance -Earth, our Cosmic Mother of all time, of all Life. We are part of Her, we are of Her and although we are all our own unique expression of Life’s consciousness in human form, we are made of the same mysterious Life force that beats every heart in every living creature of this Earth. So be welcome my children to remember me, how I function, how I weave my magic, known as living Life. Welcome to the School of Syntropy.

With eternal Love,


the School within

The School of Syntropy is a school of re-membering from within the aspects of innate knowing that have become suppressed, disconnected, and seen as separate from ourselves but are innately known to us because we are part of Life. Whether we are willing to remember or learn “new” comprehensions on how to relate to ourselves and Life around us, it all takes training of existing neuropathways in our brain to become changed and formed into new neuro networks that function (wire and fire together) with more ease.

The School of Syntropy is NOT about adopting a new set of “belief systems” it’s rather focussing on reenabling the innate inborn ability to, from a feeling-based place, question the function of what we observe around us as it triggers emotional responses within us.

Syntropy is Life’s own strategy for Life.

It’s how Life functions and operates in and through all living Life. It always performs beneficial functions for other Life and this strategy is continuous from the microbiological ways that Life relates to and supports itself in the soil to the macro level as entire thriving ecosystems.

All of Life is always working towards the creation of abundance, more of itself for itself to be able to give rise to the next succession of even more complex forms of Life. Life itself in any ecosystem is effortlessly working together (collaborating) to accumulate and consolidate more “Life Density” as from that it can co-create more of what it’s strategy is wired to do.

In the School of Syntropy we observe Life’s functionings and we look within the “Human sphere” and particularly ourselves so to bring our own Life’s navigation into the syntropic flow of living and (over time) feeling free and thus out of the Entropic minds’ orientation that is very much thinking and belief system based and rooted in underlying fears that are based on perceived lack and scarcity. These programmed beliefs that are actually not true or real or “of Life” have kept (western mind) humanity living in a separated state of navigation, operating based on a perceived “need” to control and dominate as to protect, ensure or defend a sense of “livelihood” and “feeling safe”.

All the entropic programs and the subsequent navigation from it are actually all rooted in unresolved trauma that hasn’t been properly processed. This, however, can easily be unveiled and seen for what it really is through comprehending the Syntropic Nature of Life and thus people can start returning to within (instead of trying to be dominating or controlling the external world.)

The School of Syntropy is about this returning to our own natural Nature again and reenabling our innate inborn abilities to simply question the function of Life around us (syntropic thinking) instead of judging it with any label such as good or bad (entropic thinking).

Being able to sense and feel whether our own thought patterns are syntropic or entropic returns to each individual the choice to keep navigating based on fear and lack (not resolving much other than usually adding some new coping mechanisms to help navigate the patriarchal matrix that we are operating in) or surrendering to our Nature that simply questions the function and thus receives answers that shine light on what is being reflected externally for the “within”.

Life is Syntropic and thus human nature is wired for and from the syntropic strategy that Life follows as well. It will become self-evident when syntropy is being contemplated and felt into that really what has happened is that we as humans have been programmed and brainwashed to “believe” a whole bunch of “things” that have nothing to do with how Life functions on this Earth and are thus simply that; “belief systems” that actually have no basis in the living real-life nature of Life but are actually poor strategies to navigate the commerce and trade orientated Matrix that subsequently (by orientating ourselves in its entropic navigation) keep us from being the true Free and self sovereign human beings that we in our Nature actually are.

So the School of Syntropy is about remembering our true human Nature within the greater context of Life on this Earth. From there we can start relating to ourself when our emotional eruptions and reactions occur from a place of curiosity and openness to discover what our Nature wants to free from its cells as that sits in the way of us fulfilling our Life purpose as a Spirit within a body.

Willingness is paramount to succeeding and returning to a state of feeling free (and also feeling deeply free of fear, as in entropy). Without the Will being activated and being Willing to return to our original innocence and our deep self-sovereign fearless Nature, we won’t reclaim that, or better put our Nature doesn’t stand a chance to free itself from the entropic programming that the individual got brought down with (cultural conditioning).

Syntropically relating to Life around us including the socio-political, world economic systems allows us to see that everything has a succession and all is working towards the next expression of the previous state of resources available to create with. Some of the time sequences are very long and have taken centuries to come about.

One thing that syntropic thinking causes is the ending of judgment and confining and the opening of curiosity as to what its function is – this in and of itself can be experienced as extremely liberating as we no longer “need” to know the “right” answer. We can just be curious and with that (on the internal landscape) radical self-inquiry becomes just curious self-inquiry which is a tremendous ally in the process of us restoring our innate natural Freedom and Sovereignty as a human-being again. This naturally leads us into navigating WITH Life instead of entropically “needing” to control it.

There is a lot to remember and I am actively sharing more around Syntropy so that others can reactivate this within their own cells. It’s our innate natural navigational orientation that is waiting for us to reengage with. It is literally what our Nature wants and is already doing for us so we don’t have to “try” to get our Nature working for us, we can just surrender all that mind-based “trying” and allow Life to carry and assist us (the primary and obvious form in which our Nature is assisting us to free our cells from any unnatural frequencies that inhibit the larger organism to reach its purpose and ultimate goal in Life is by emotionally reacting to situations it recognises externally that are as experiences still unresolved internally.

No one has control over our own Nature’s inborn emotional reaction mechanisms that functions on neurochemical associative memory. Our Nature and bodies react to situations so to give rise to what still lies unresolved within. Being curious as to when these reactions occur is all that is required to make effective use of this inborn reaction mechanism that is occurring to create opportunities of liberating past unresolved, unexpressed stored trauma. How effective one is at actually resolving the unresolved is limited or accelerated by how Willing one Feels to actually go there. )

The School of Syntropy intertwines very quickly on with the School of Sovereignty as the restored Will is a prerequisite to accomplishing the navigation of the internal landscape of navigating trauma release. This aspect then very quickly intertwines with the School of Self Love as Natural Sovereignty can only be reclaimed by returning to Love, within, for Self, for the hurt parts, the traumatized aspects of our psyche.

Why Self Love? Because Love as corny as it may sound is the underlying carrying frequency that all of Life is actually operating on and to reveal something ahead of time: pleasure is the incentive for Life/ Love to grow.

I hope you have found this article interesting and have become curious for yourself around some of the comprehension shared.

If you want to learn more and engage in this School of Syntropy simply Will it and then get in contact with me.

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