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About BNL

Our Community for Feeling-Based Relating (and more)

If this is your first time on our site, we want you to know there is a lot more
depth to who we as a community are, what we do, and what we stand for.

It is too much to share (intellectually) and yet, it is so simple!

We navigate and steward this community on the principles of
Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love.

This community recognizes the self-responsibility to Re-enable our Nature,
We comprehend that we each are on a Heroes Journeys called “Life”.
We encourage the practice of radical Self Love and self-acceptance.

We are intending to share from our feeling-based world.

We know that in and of itself revealing is healing.
All we need is just to be received.


Brave New Lifeways.
Returning to the Natural

We are committed to re-cultivating natural ways of relating as a human,
cell-chosen, family. This we call “our Community”.

Together we create conscious circles for feeling-based sharing
through which: heart-felt connections naturally form.

In this community, we have fostered a safe space
to just be,
to witness,
to be heard,
to feel our feelings,
to train ourselves in receiving,

to be enough.
to feel Love.

This space we call Our Brave Space

Many people who join our community say that Brave New Life brings about feelings of coming “Home”.

Many discover their “Soul Family”. Ultimately, the Brave New Life Community is a Frequency.

One of Courage, one of Love,
one of reverence, compassion, and Joy!

. The Brave Community is a place
where all of You is Welcome.

Welcome home to You.

Detailed Outline of BNL and Syntropy

Our community is founded on the intelligent life-affirming studies of our Original and Intrinsic Human Nature (this means not the colonized minds’ version but the original Indigenous Mindsong that is part of our human Blueprint).

These indigenous lifeways of the interconnectedness of all life is also revealed through the study of Sophianic Wisdom.

This feminine Wisdom stream is Nature Based and is infused with the original comprehensions of the Patterns of the Universe, the patterns and strategies of Life, which, when carefully observed are the strategies of Love in living motion.

How we can each gain access to the perspectives, wisdom teachings, and these innate and natural strategies of how Love is the metric from which, and upon which, all that is sentient and living operates, is through language.

What then benefits is adopting a new framework, an original and living framework through which we can relate to ourselves, our cells, community, the matrix and humanity, and nature through the motion of time.

This framework we know in our community is the Lens of Syntropy, the lens of Nature.

How it all Began (founding Brave New Life)

Souvereign who caught the vision for Brave New Life articulates his comprehensions on Human Ecology, Syntropy, and the “re”-“membering” of who we truly are.

With the topic of self-sovereignty interlinking all subjects we ask:

How have we strayed from sovereignty and how is radical self-love required for this New- Earth metric we are co-creating?

Course in Syntropy & Natural Human Ecology

Foundational to Brave New Life is revisiting our love for Nature.

Through this course you can explore the Practices and Principles of
Syntropic Agroforestry and begin a journey of having Nature be your teacher on “How Life truly functions on Love”.

This is a worthwhile course in revealing and bringing into language our “lost” Human Nature.

Life, reality and his-story are finally viewed through the Lens of Syntropy

Syntropy is the Missing Link

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