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🙏🕊️ Sovereign Energy Exchange Directions: (SEED)🙏🕊️

Moving forward all energy exchange is following the SEED outline:
I trust myself with all access to all “BNL’s Work on Essence” whether it be course, recaps, zoom blooms or general platform access to this community that:

I am willing to FEEL INTO my being what FEELS (in each moment) respectful, truthful, and balanced as a Transacting of Monetary Energy in exchange for what I am able to receive through others’ commitment, dedication, resources, learnings, cultivated skills, and navigational services combined.
✨ 🙏🕊️

In return BNL’s admin and steward acknowledge that:

👉 All ‘SEED’ contributions are Respected. 🙏🕊️
👉 Contribution is for Your access only.



Visit our New Contribution page to
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Option 3 – Private (larger) Contributions

For private, direct, or larger contributions, you can select your own amount in multiples of $5,-

Please use the button below.

We also have a private BNL PayPal link
or you can write us a direct bank cheque.

for Bank Cheques via Snail Mail 🐌
Please reach out to
for the addressee name and postal address! ✉️

Have a read before you contribute.

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